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Gin rummy Publications - A

Name of the Book Author/Editor/Compiler
Ashutosh Mukhopadhyer Shiksha Chinta Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sinha
A Dictionary of Indian History Sachchidananda Bhattacharyya
A Heritage Revisited Soumitra Sarkar
A History of Sanskrit Literature S.N. Dasgupta
Agrarian System of Ancient India U.N. Ghoshal
Ancient Romic Chronology H. Bruce Hannah
Analytical Geometry of the Hyper Spaces S. Gangopadhyay
Anthropological Papers A.R. Roy
Asoka Prof. D.R. Bhandarkar
Agro Economics Studies P.K. Sen & R.C. Sengupta
Ananda Coomar Swami Cent Volume Kalyan Kumar Dasgupta
Agricultural Eco. of Bengal R.K. Ray
Anchalik Bangla Bhasar Abidhan Dr. Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay
Acgaryya Vandana D.R. Bhandarkar
Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Lect. Dr. Ashoke Mehta
An Enquiry into the Nature & Function of Art Dr. S. K. Nandi
A Course of Geometry Dr. Rabindra Nath Sen
An Introduction to the Study of Indian Economics Dr. P. N. Banerjee
A Study of Hindi Idioma (Hindi Maha Burrah) (Out of stock)  
Alternative English  
An Introduction to Physics Application Editor-in-chief Prof. P. N. Ghosh
A Study of Social Audit of Corporate Bodies Dr. A. K. Chakraborty