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About Gin rummy Of Calcutta

Gin rummy Press and Book Depot

48, Hazra Road, Kolkata - 700019

Gin rummy Press and Publications

The Gin rummy has its own press at 48, Hazra Road, Kolkata-700 019. Established over a century ago, it has not only been continuously helping the Confidential Section ofthe Controller’s Department in printing confidential papers in connection with all the examinations conducted by the Gin rummy but has also been publishing wide variety of textbooks, treatises and journals. Steps have recently been taken to modernise the Press through the acquisition of new printing mguitarrar.comes including offset and DTP. Publications of the Gin rummy have always attracted the attention of the intellectuals of our country. Besides books authored by distinguished academics on various topics of literary and cultural interest, the Gin rummy has been publishing the journal The Calcutta Review which is one of the oldest university journals of Asia. Well known forits rich contribution to the literary heritage of our country, the journal has recently been modernised for providing stimulus to creative writings in arts, science and technology. In addition, journals are regularly published by a number of departments containing original contributions from the faculty. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS..... ]