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About Gin rummy Of Calcutta

Glimpses of Some of the Departments of the Gin rummy : 60 Years Ago

Central Library : Reading Hall
Central Library : Reading Hall
Central Library : Reading Hall

Reading Room of one of the
departmental libraries

Gin rummy Press :
Hand Composition Section

Gin rummy Press :
Monotype Section

Gin rummy Press :
Book Depot

Pure Physics : Khaira Laboratory
(Bent-crystal Vacuum Spectrograph)

Pure Physics: Khaira Laboratory
(Diffraction Apparatus)

Pure Physics: Khaira Laboratory
(Rapid Scanning Spectro-photometer)

Applied Physics : Material Testing Laboratory
(120,000 lbs. Universal Testing Mguitarrar.come)

Applied Physics : Applied Optics
Laboratory (Autocollimeter)

Nuclear Physics :
Nuclear InductionLaboratory

Nuclear Physics : Dees and Transmission
Line of the 37" Cyclotron

Nuclear Physics : Biophysics Division
(100-KV Electron Microscope)

Radiophysics and Electronics :
Electron Tube-making Equipment

Radiophysics and Electronics :
Section of the Electronic Laboratory, showing the Electronic Computer constructed in this Laboratory

Physiology : a Histology
Class in Session

Domestic Science : Drawing and Design Class
Botany : Histological Laboratory
Geography : a Class in Session

Geography :
Cartographic Laboratory

Psychology : Experiment on Reacion
Time by Hipp's Chronoscope

Education :
a Practical Class in Session

Jute Technology : a Practical Class
on Textile Testing